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Welcome to our official guild website
We are a Guild called Vivalist
We are a fast rising guild that plays alot of different games,
We play for fun and ofcourse to win.
Our most played games are: BSG, Mega Walls, Paintball, Creative and (new) Cops and Crims
Ofourse u can play whatever u want.

We don't care that much about Stats.
We care about skill, Fun, Teamplay and Personality.
Dont expect us to rate you on your ingame stats.

We are an active guild and we try to organise events.
We got no age limits and almost everybody can join.

Our website is in BETA. Pleas report bugs here http://vivalistweb.clanwe ...

official releas of website! The wen update!
15th Dec 2014 · [officer][ADMIN] RaxoGamer · website · 22 Comments · Likes · Like

Hey guys!

So we just releasing the guild website official! ......

Click to read full!

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