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official releas of website! The wen update!
[officer][ADMIN] RaxoGamer 22 Comments · Likes · Like · 15th Dec 2014
Hey guys!

So we just releasing the guild website official! 

Team pay!

Help us pay for our website be using team pay in the right of the screen if you like to buy a domain contact RaxoGamer!


So there wil still be working on the website! So all changes will been posted as news!


You can now apply on our website using apply in the menu. For officers there will becoming a guided soon for seeing apps


All member wil get the [member] rank. Officers will get [officer] and the master (silfok) [master] me website admin will show with the [ADMIN] tag pleas be patient for getting your rank


Officer will be website moderators! More about this in a guide only for officers (comming soon)

Live chat

So we also have a live chat down the screen were you can chat 


We like it when you register and be active on our forums. 

- RaxoGamer
    Website adminstrator

20th Dec 2014 [member] LePokemaster888
gonna get my first video out by New Year's Eve =)

you guys should be my first subs!
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19th Dec 2014 [officer] ZXKID
How many subs lepokemaser ? I have 43
19th Dec 2014 [member] LePokemaster888
Guess who might become an official Youtuber in 10 months or so!
17th Dec 2014 [officer] tsfalcon
Btw will I have an officer rank on here since I'm a officer in our guild?
17th Dec 2014 [officer] tsfalcon
Yay just got registered! So glad to have a website for our guild!
17th Dec 2014 [member] RTS_Plays_MC
Hi im at school
17th Dec 2014 [officer] ZXKID
Yea a lighter background will be better
17th Dec 2014 [officer] Fabriyo98
I dont like so much the dark design :(
17th Dec 2014 [officer] ZXKID
Omg im so sick
17th Dec 2014 [officer][ADMIN] RaxoGamer
Well we have found a bug The tag of officer don't work. We working on it!
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17th Dec 2014 [officer] GrumpykidLL
Umm so its like the forums but just for our guild?
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17th Dec 2014 [officer] ZXKID
Can u promote my rank to officer ?
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17th Dec 2014 [officer] ZXKID
17th Dec 2014 [member] The29Dragon
I applied for officer hope I get accepted
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17th Dec 2014 [member] The29Dragon
16th Dec 2014 [member] LePokemaster888
I was playing some MW right now
16th Dec 2014 [member] LePokemaster888
Super cool you know!
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16th Dec 2014 [member] LePokemaster888
I'm here too!
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16th Dec 2014 [officer] CatMan225
16th Dec 2014 [officer] Fabriyo98
:D hello
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16th Dec 2014 [officer][ADMIN] RaxoGamer
Update #1
+ added guide about reporting members
+added officer room on the forum

And muh things more soon!
Stay reporting bugs and misspeling
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15th Dec 2014 [master] Silfok
YES awesom guys!
A new website! I hope we can use this a lot!
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